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302 Connections-Door to Door Sales

Date Posted: Monday, December 11th, 2023

Beginning in January 2024, 302 Connections, a marketing company working with Direct Energy, will be making sales calls door-to-door in the City of New Castle. Direct Energy promotes alternative sources for electricity and natural gas. The city has issued a permit allowing them to make these calls. The issuance of the permit is not an endorsement of their services, it merely gives them permission to make the sales calls.

As a municipal power provider, our MSC has exclusive rights to sell electricity in the City of New Castle. This means the only service you could choose to purchase through Direct Energy is natural gas since Delmarva Power does not have exclusive rights to sell power here.

The following conditions apply to 302 Connections’ activity within the City of New Castle:

  • They may not make sales calls prior to 10am or after 7pm
  • They have provided the City of New Castle with a list of the names of all people who will be making sales calls.
  • Each person making sales calls should have a copy of the permit issued by the city which they must show to residents upon request.