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About the Police Department


New Castle City Police Department
1 Municipal Blvd. 
New Castle, DE 19720
Office: (302) 322-9800 
Fax: (302) 322-9825
Contact Information:

To serve the community and citizens of New Castle City in a more timely fashion, the police department would like to remind residents of important police phone numbers.

Dial 911 – Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency
573-2800 – Non- Emergency (police response needed*)
*City or County Police will be dispatched as available.

State Police & Court LinksLinks to Delaware courts and law enforcement around the state.
Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial
Located on the Legislative Mall in Dover, the Delaware Law Enforcement Officers Memorial pays tribute to Delaware police officers have made the ultimate sacrifice while preserving our unalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Officer Down Memorial Page – 
Every day officers across the United States willingly place themselves in harms way in order to protect the public.  Please visit this site and read about our fallen heroes.
Delaware Crime Stoppers – 
Tips will remain anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.  Your identity will never be revealed to any person who is detained or arrested.

History: The New Castle Police Department is one of the oldest existing police departments in the nation. In 1672, Edmund Cantwell became the High Sheriff over the town and river territory that included New Castle.

Today the New Castle Police Department continues the legacy established by those fine officers who served with the Department since the 17th Century. That legacy is one of dedication to duty and service with honor through five centuries of ever changing times.

The New Castle Police Department exists to preserve life and property and to provide a safe environment for residents of New Castle and visitors to the beautiful and historic city. By all standards, thanks in a large part to the service provided by the police department, New Castle is a safe and peaceful community in which to reside or to visit.

The New Castle Police Department will strive to be an innovative, community-oriented police department, committed to providing professional service.  Our Core responsibility is to Protect and Serve the residents and visitors of New Castle

The mission of the New Castle Police Department is to work in partnership with the community, reduce crime and to enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors of New Castle.

To be responsible for our actions.
Integrity: Always doing the right thing.
Excellence: Performing at the highest standard.
Service: Working to meet the community’s needs.


  • Richard P. McCabe: Chief of Police
  • Tina M. Shughart: Admin./Investigations, Captain
  • Keith W. Dempsey: Operations Captain, Captain
  • Bernard M. Torre: Patrol Supervisor, M/Sergeant
  • Louis M. Torres: Patrol Supervisor, S/Sergeant
  • Richard J. Perillo: Patrol Supervisor, Sergeant
  • John C. Donmoyer: Patrol Officer, Corporal II/III
  • Paul D. Allston: Patrol Officer, Corporal I
  • Kyle J. Borden: Patrol Officer, PFC
  • Michael W. Rodick, Jr.: Patrol Officer, PFC
  • Ashleigh Cavanaugh: Patrol Officer, PFC
  • Andrew J. Davis: Detective, PFC
  • Dominick K. Mills: Patrol Officer, Patrolman
  • Gavin L. Biddle: Patrol Officer, Patrolman
  • Brandon Ruiz: Patrol Officer, Officer
  • Joseph Shanahan: Patrol Officer, Officer
  • Anthony Massello: Patrol Officer, Officer
  • Judi Brockett: Secretary II