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Meetings & Events

City Council Regular Meeting

08/14/2018 - 07:00 PM

08/14/2018 City Council Regular Meeting Minutes 
Presentation on Delaware Street Rehabilitation
Delaware Street Pedestrian Improvements
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City of New Castle Delaware
Regular City Council Meeting at Town Hall
201 Delaware Street – New Castle
Tuesday, August 14, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.


Roll Call
* Minutes: 07/10/2018 Regular Council Meeting
* Staff Reports
Approval of Treasurer’s Report
Report from the City Administrator & Staff
Council Communications
Business from the Mayor
Business from the Council President
Business from the Floor (concerning agenda items only)

Proclamation to “Turn the Town Teal” for the month of September in the City of New Castle. (Mayor Gambacorta – posted 08/07/2018.)

Presentation on Delaware Street Paving Project by City Engineer David Athey. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/07/2018.)

Old Business:
1. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution 2018-21; A Resolution approving proposed right of way agreement permitting Fibertech Technologies Network, L.L.C. to install telecommunications facilities in the City’s rights of way. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/07/2018.)

New Business:
1. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution 2018-22; A Resolution Approving the Mayor’s Appointment to the Planning Commission of Jonathan Justice, Peter Toner, and Vera Worthy.  (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/07/2018.)

2. Discussion concerning advisability of investigating the feasibility, cost breakdown and expected revenues from installation of parking kiosks in the Historic and Downtown areas to regulate and increase revenue to help maintain City streets. (Councilperson Di Mondi – posted 8/7/2018.)

3. First Reading of Ordinance 516; An Ordinance to rezone two Dobbinsville tax parcels, 21-017.00-045 (708 W. 7th Street) and tax parcel 21-017.00-046 (706 W. 7th Street) to the RC (retail commercial) zoning classification (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/07/2018.)

Public Comments

Next Regular Meeting Date: September 11, 2018
Posted: 08/07/2018
Note: This agenda as listed may not be considered in sequence, including executive sessions.