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Regular City Council Meeting

08/09/2016 - 07:00 PM

08/09/2016 Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

City of New Castle Delaware
Regular City Council Meeting at Town Hall
201 Delaware Street – New Castle
Tuesday, August 9, 2016 – 7:00 p.m.


  • Roll Call
  • Consent Agenda:
    * Minutes: 5/19/2016 – Sp. Mtg.; 6/1/2016 – Sp. Mtg.; 6/9/2016 – Sp. Mtg.; 6/27/2016 – Sp. Mtg.; 7/12/2016 Regular Meeting; 7/22/2016 – Sp. Mtg.
    * Staff Reports
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  • Report from the City Administrator & Staff
  • Council Communications
  • Business from the Mayor
  • Business from the Council President
  • Business from the Floor (concerning agenda items only)

Old Business

New Business
1. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution 2016-38; A Resolution Approving a Minor Subdivision in Order to Transfer 0.012 Acres from the Rear of the Property at 73 West 5th Street, Tax Parcel 21-015.30-098, Owned by James R. Keller & Sharon W. Keller to the Property at 401 South Street, Tax Parcel 21-015.30-104 Owned by the Trustees of The New Castle Common, Occupied by the Goodwill Fire Department. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/02/16.)

2. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution 2016-39; A Resolution to Name the Banks Building Preservation as Beneficiary of 2016 Rivertowns Ride and Festival. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/02/16.)

3. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution 2016-40; A Resolution to Accommodate the Good Will Fire Company by Switching No Parking Restrictions on the East side of West 4th Street, increasing Parking in the area by approximately 130’. (Councilperson Megginson – posted 08/02/16.)

4. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution No. 2016-41; A Resolution for the placement request of Pizza Capo as a vendor operating within the City limits. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/02/16.)

5. Motion, Discussion and Vote on Resolution No. 2016-42; A Resolution to Support Design, Installation and Maintenance of a Public Restroom Facility in the Bicentennial Park by the Trustees of the New Castle Common. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/02/16.)  Deleated

6. Discussion on Cherry Street Parking between East 5th and 6th Streets. (Council President Ratchford – posted 08/02/16.)

Comments from the floor.

Executive Session: to discuss a personnel matter

Note: This agenda as listed may not be considered in sequence, including executive sessions.

Next Regular Meeting Date: September 13, 2016
Posted: 08/02/2016