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Throughout the history of this state, police officers have made the ultimate sacrifice while preserving our unalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  We must never forget their unselfish service to the state of Delaware and the United States of America.


Patrolman Howard P. Atwell                                                             Trooper Robert A. Paris


Officer John F. Baylis                                                                        Officer Andrew T. Peterson


Corporal Robert H. Bell                                                                     Patrolman Willard E. Pruitt, Jr.
Trooper Ronald L. Carey                                                                   Trooper David Bruce Pulling


Patrolman Harry Passmore Cloud                                                      Trooper Harold B. Rupert


Corporal Frances Marie Collender                                                      Officer Francis Ryan


Detective Thomas P. Conaty, Jr.                                                        Patrolman Francis T. Schneible

Matron Mary T. Davis                                                                           Corporal Christopher M. Shea

Trooper Gerard T. Dowd                                                                      Trooper Paul H. Sherman
Trooper George W. Emory                                                                   Corporal Paul J. Sweeney

Patrolman James Henry Hill                                                               Patrolman Francis X. Tierney


Patrolman Vincent A. Julia                                                                Trooper Sandra Marie Wagner
Trooper William C. Keller                                                                 Trooper Raymond B. Wilhelm


Corporal Leroy L. LeKites                                                                 Patrolman Milton A. Wimbrow


Trooper Kevin J. Mallon                                                                   Trooper David C. Yarrington


Trooper William F. Mayer                                                                 Patrolman Thomas L. Zebley


Auxiliary Officer Wallace Melson                                                      Lieutenant Joseph L. Sczcerba


                                                                                  “Blessed are the peacemakers,

                                                                                                                        They are the children of God.”   Matthew 5:9