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1 Municipal Blvd.
New Castle, DE 19720
Office: (302) 322-9800
Fax: (302) 322-9825

Contact Information:
Emergencies Dial 911
For non-emergency calls for police service call 573-2800 – this number is a non-emergency New Castle County number, staffed 24 hours around the clock by call takers. They will dispatch City and/or County Police.

The New Castle Police Department is one of the oldest existing police departments in the nation. In 1672, Edmund Cantwell became the High Sheriff over the town and river territory that included New Castle.

Today the New Castle Police Department continues the legacy established by those fine officers who served with the Department since the 17th Century. That legacy is one of dedication to duty and service with honor through five centuries of ever changing times.

The New Castle Police Department exists to preserve life and property and to provide a safe environment for residents of New Castle and visitors to the beautiful and historic city. By all standards, thanks in a large part to the service provided by the police department, New Castle is a safe and peaceful community in which to reside or to visit.

Mission Statement The New Castle Police Department exists to preserve life and property. The Department is charged with providing a safe environment for the residents of New Castle and for those who visit the city. Dedication to duty and service with honor are the cornerstones of the organization.

Vision Statement The New Castle Police Department will deliver quality service in an effective and efficient manner. Delivery of effective and efficient service is doing what is right and doing it the right way. All members of the Police Department will contribute to the development and maintenance of an organization that will cultivate the total confidence, unwavering trust and absolute respect of the citizens of New Castle and its governing body, as well as the entire Delaware Criminal Justice Community.

Jamie C. Rogers – Chief of Police
Thomas M. Donlon – Captain
Richard P. McCabe – Captain
Bernard M. Torre – Master Sergeant
Louis M. Torres – Sergeant
Edward A. Dempsey – Master Corporal
Gene W. Wood – Senior Corporal
Tina M. Shughart – Senior Corporal
Richard J. Perillo – Senior Corporal
John C. Donmoyer Senior Corporal
John T. Pullin – Senior Corporal
Keith W. Dempsey – Senior Corporal
Paul D. Allston – Corporal
Kyle J. Borden – Patrolman
Ashleigh Cavanaugh – Patrolman
Michael W. Rodick, Jr. – Patrolman
Andrew J. Davis – Patrolman
K-9 Cooper
Judi Brockett – Secretary II