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City of New Castle


Committees & Boards

The City is always looking for civic-minded residents to serve in various capacities. If you are interested, please contact the City Office.

Battery Park Committee

(Meets as needed)
Oversees Battery Park
City Administrator William Barthel
Trustee Christopher Castagno
Trustee Thomas Clayton
Esther Lovlie
Council President Linda Ratchford
Wm. Ervin Thatcher, Jr.
Joanne Viola, M.D.

Board of Building Appeals

(Meets as needed)
Governed by Chapters
140 and 141 of the City Code
Patrick Kirkley, Chair
David Connell
Tim Johnson
Angela Marconi
Lynn Sheridan

Board of Health

(Meets four times a year, the last Tuesday of January, April, July and October, at 6 p.m.)
Discuss Board of Health Issues
Jeffery Davis
Joseph Day, III
Marie Gatter
William Hentkowski
Dr. Joanne Viola
Faythe Waterloo

New Castle Flower Beautification Committee

(Meets third Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., except January)
Planting flowers throughout the City and overseeing the care of plantings
Arlene Stockwell, Chair
Gene Dempsey, Treasurer
Gary Walton, Secretary
Kerstin Almquist
Ginsey Bates
Elly Cleveland
Sue Ruf
Jim Stockwell
Linda Suskie
Kathy Tidball

Charter Change Committee

(Meets as needed)
Meets to review and make recommendations (non-binding) to Council regarding changes to the City Charter.
Dr. Genevieve Miller, Chair
Dan Losco, City Solicitor
John Houben
Josephine Moore
James Vincent

Board of Elections

(Meets during City election year [odd years])
Responsible for carrying out laws, regulations and rules for City Elections
Marianne Caven, Chair
Richard Pennell
Barbara Winkler
There are two openings on the Board of Elections

Emergency Planning and Operations Committee

(Meets as needed at Police Station)
Develops Plans for and Oversees Operations of Emergency Situations
City Administrator William Barthel
Public Works Supervisor George O’Neal
Police Chief Jamie Rogers
Fire Chief Chris Robinson
Fire Marshal Jeff Bergstrom
Civil Defense Coordinator Furio Casale
MSC Representative Pamela A. Patone

Historic Area Commission

(Meets second Thursday at 6:30 p.m.)
Oversees the building and/or exterior restoration of buildings located within the Historical District of the City
Laura Fontana, Chair
Leila Hamroun, (AIA Architect)
David Baldini
Carolyn (Lyn) Briggs
Jean Norvell
Marty Wright

Municipal Services Commission
(Meets monthly at 216 Chestnut St.)
Responsible for Water and Electric Utilities for the City of New Castle.
Daniel F. Knox
H. Hickman Rowland, Jr.
Dr. Roy J. Sippel
Secretary Pamela A. Patone

Planning Commission

(Meets fourth Mondays at 6:30 p.m.)
Creates and Updates Comprehensive Plan and reviews development proposals.
David Baldini, Chair
Brenda Antonio
Marco Boyce
Joseph DiAngelo
Jonathan Justice
Josephine Moore
Gail Seitz
William Walters
Vera Worthy

Tree Advisory Commission

(Meets first Mondays at 4:00 p.m.)
The City of New Castle Tree Advisory Commission acts in an advisory capacity for the City of New Castle regarding the maintenance of the street trees and other trees on City property.

David Robinson, Chair
John Antonio
Marco Boyce
John Lloyd
Tom Maddux

All meetings are held in Town Hall unless otherwise noted.