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Commissions & Boards

The City is always looking for civic-minded residents to serve in various capacities. If you are interested, please contact the City Office.

Board of Adjustment
(Meets as needed)
The Board of Adjustment hears appeals covering the interpretation or administration of the Zoning Code.

Valarie Leary,  Mayor (4 Year Term)

Steve Zorrer (3 Year Term)
Robert Irwin (3 Year Term)
Dennis Anuszewski (3 Year Term)
Assunta (Sue) Scarpitti (3 Year Term)

Max Walton, City Solicitor, Advisory Position
 Chris Rogers, City Engineer, Advisory Position

Board of Building Appeals
(Meets as needed)
The Board of Building Appeals’ functions include hearing and deciding appeals from the decisions of the Building Inspector/Department and Code Enforcement Officer.

The Board of Adjustment serves as the City’s Board of Building Appeals.

Board of Health

(Meets four times a year, the last Tuesday of January, April, July and October, at 6 p.m.)
Discuss Board of Health Issues
Tish Gallagher, Chair
Jackie Metz, Vice-Chair
Eleanor Green
Dr. Joanne Viola
Dr. David Bechtel

Board of Elections

(Meets during City election year [odd years])
Responsible for carrying out laws, regulations and rules for City Elections
Marianne Caven, Chair
Adrienne Indellini
Rodney Pratt
Connie Reese
Carolyn Travers

Emergency Planning and Operations Committee

(Meets as needed at Police Station)
Develops Plans for and Oversees Operations of Emergency Situations
City Administrator Antonina Tantillo
Police Chief Richard McCabe
Fire Chief David Majewski, Jr.
Fire Marshal Jeff Bergstrom
Civil Defense Coordinator Furio Casale
MSC Representative Scott Blomquist

Historic Area Commission

(Meets second Thursday at 6:30 p.m.)
Oversees the building and/or exterior restoration of buildings located within the Historical District of the City
Tera Hayward, Chair
Leila Hamroun, (AIA Architect)
Cynthia Batty, Planning Commission Representative to HAC
Michael Westman
Lisa Doak
Kevin Wade 

Municipal Services Commission
(Meets monthly at 216 Chestnut St.)
Responsible for Water and Electric Utilities for the City of New Castle.
Dr. David Atherton, President
Sheila A. Shannon
Mayor Valarie Leary
Secretary Scott Blomquist

Planning Commission

(Meets fourth Mondays at 7:00 p.m.)
Creates and Updates Comprehensive Plan and reviews development proposals.
Margo Reign, Chair
David Majewski, Jr, Rep. of Good Will Fire Co.
Brie Rivera
Cynthia Batty 
Keaira Faña-Ruiz
Timothy E. Gibbs
Tamara Stoner
Vera Worthy
Kristin Zumar



Playground Committee 

(Meeting days & time to be determined)
The Playground Committee is a temporary committee established for the purpose of researching the feasibility of designing and financing the construction of a newly renovated children’s playground at Battery Park, and making recommendations to the City Council toward the furtherance of that project. 

City Council Member/Chairperson:   
Nermin Zubaca, City Councilperson

Matthew Eide                          
Judy Guttenplan
Andre Jerry
Suzanne Swift
Brian Mattaway

Flood Resiliency Committee

(Meets third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.)
The Sea Level Rise Task Force is a temporary task force of citizens to research existing information concerning the impact of sea level rise on the City of New Castle, and to prepare remediation recommendations.

Alice Riehl, Chair
Fred G. Gallagher, Jr., Trustees of the New Castle Common Representative
Mary “Tish” Gallagher
Michael Marinelli
Timothy Moore, Good Will Fire Co. Representative
Gail Seitz
Sandra Taylor
James Michael (Mike) Smith

Tree Advisory Commission

(Meets first Mondays at 5:00 p.m.)
The City of New Castle Tree Advisory Commission acts in an advisory capacity for the City of New Castle regarding the maintenance of the street trees and other trees on City property.

Carl Benson, Chair 
Wolcott Davis
Scot Savitch
Alice Reihl
Art Walker

Resident Advisors: