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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Documents 


The City of New Castle Draft 2020 Comprehensive Plan was released on August 12, 2020 to the public for review and a request to provide written comments for consideration into the Plan no later than October 12, 2020.  A written comment form was developed and released with a website link to the draft plan. The draft plan was also sent released for intergovernmental review to the Municipal Services Commission, City Engineer, New Castle County, WILMAPCO, and the City of Wilmington. The comment document (below right) was presented at a October 13, 2020 Public Hearing and reflects the collective written comments from all participants and includes comments from the Public Hearing.

2020 Comprehensive Plan Final Draft


Collective comments for the Comprehensive Plan from the Public and Intergovernmental Reviews presented at the 10/13/2020 City Council Public Hearing



Earlier Plans

2009 Comprehensive Plan 

The following Comprehensive Plan represents an update of the City of New Castle’s very detailed 2003 Comprehensive Plan. Much of the data, information, assumptions, and many of the recommendations of the 2003 plan are still valid. Rather than repeat them unnecessarily here, the current effort continues to bring forward past recommendations, suggest new ones, and match both to a series of implementation strategies.


2009 Comprehensive Plan             2009 Comprehensive Plan Maps